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Week 6 – Zoeller Hyperbaric Challenge

Benefits of the HyperBaric Chamber include; boosting your immunity, less joint pain, decrease muscle soreness, decrease chances of cancer.




How Chiropractic Boosts Immunity

For your body to have an optimal response the Nervous System and Immune System work together for the body to adapt and heal properly. A misalignment in the body can cause stress to the body which leads to an inadequate immune response and a variety of diseases. Receiving an adjustment from a chiropractor is proven to boost the responses of the immune and nervous systems.

5 Tips To Follow Now That I Am SICK!

Stay Hydrated with water and drink half of your body weight daily. Sleep decreases stress. Vitamin D3 minimum of 5,000 Iu, C 1,000mg per day.


7 Ways to Prevent Cold and Flu this Season

Heal Your Gut your gut is 80% of your immune system. You want to make sure it is tunning in an optimal state. Low Sugar Consumption, high sugar amounts of sugar can decrease your immune system, making it difficult for your body to fight off any infections. Reduce Stress, Make sure to take time to Meditate.

Diastis Recti Abdominal Separation

The separation of the abdominal muscles can happen many different ways and most people don’t even know they have diastasis recti.  Many people suffering from this condition is caused by lifting heavy weights, pregnancy, abdominal surgery, C-Sections, and repetitive motion from sports.

Why is CranioSacral Therapy so Important?

CranioSacral Therapy (CST) is a light-touch approach that can create dramatic improvements in your life. It helps to release tension deep into the body to relieve pain and dysfunction, which improves the whole-body health and performance.