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Sports Rehabilitation & Prevention

About Synergy

Synergy Release Sports is the world-wide epicenter of innovative athletic performance. Whether you want to enhance your athletic performance, prevent injury related to sports or accelerate rehabilitation, treatment at Synergy Release Sports is what you need.

Our Certified Synergy Release Chiropractors, based in Atlanta, GA, are innovators and teachers who are on the cutting edge of sports therapy.  We use chiropractic medicine in conjunction with our proprietary Synergy Release Therapy technique to identify the root cause of the injury, correct the problem and accelerate rehabilitation so the athlete can get back to what they love to do, play sports!

We see a range of patients from healthy lifestyle seekers, weekend warriors, and professional level athletes. Including over 450 professional athletes and Olympians. We’ll take care of your sports injury with specialized treatments found only at Synergy Release Sports.

Synergy’s Vision is to Enhance the Quality of Life in Every Patient.

Our Synergy Team

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