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Sports Rehabilitation & Prevention

Common Sports Injuries

Synergy Release Therapy uses a sequence of muscular, fascial (connective tissue that holds together muscles and organs) and joint releases to re-balance the biomechanics of the body.  As body structure begins to re-balance, changes encourage remodeling of healthy tissue.  For most acute, to moderate conditions (sprains, strains, tendonitis, etc) you’ll usually start to see results in three to six treatments.  In the unfortunate occurrence of a major injury, the use of microcurrent and hyperbaric chamber can accelerate recovery, in many cases cutting recovery time in half.

The root causes of an injury typically originate early. This is a result of stresses that compromise the structural patterns and development of the body.  Repetitive stress can also weaken the body, causing a progressive downward pattern of dysfunction and pain.

Golf/Tennis Injuries

Most golf and tennis injuries, underlying structural problems, along with repetitive stress, can lead to ankle sprains, tennis leg, golfers/tennis elbow, and Achilles tendinitis.

The root cause of the pain needs to be alleviated.  As opposed to asymptomatic approach, Synergy Release Therapy focuses on the mechanism of the injury, making it possible to solve the underlying problem and not only relieve pain, but also prevent a recurrence of the injury.

With the tennis and golf season being almost all year long, it’s vital to always take care of your body.  Remember to stay properly hydrated and always warm up and do some stretching.  Seeking out a certified Synergy Release Physician prior to starting your golf or tennis season can enhance your level of peak performance and help prevent injury.  Synergy Release Therapy will help keep you at your best every day.

Football Injuries

Football injuries typically occur due to the combination of full contact and high speed. The force that is applied when bringing an opponent to the ground or resisting the force, is what makes these athletes prone to injury anywhere on their body.

Some of the traumatic injuries can include Concussions (click here to learn more about concussions), shoulder injuries of the acromioclavicular joint (ACJ), knee injuries of the Anterior or Posterior cruciate ligament (ACL/PCL), high ankle sprains, and overuse.

Many of these can be prevented when the athlete performs a proper warm-up and cool-down routine, maintains adequate hydration, wearing the correct and adequately fitted for equipment and staying active in the off-season.

Baseball Injuries

Baseball is a unique sport.  First, it is played almost year-round putting an incredible amount of stress on the ligaments, joints, and muscles of the body.  Second, the hitting and pitching motions are one repetitive forceful motion after another.

The root cause of the pain needs to be alleviated.  Synergy Release Therapy focuses on the mechanism of the injury, making it possible to solve the underlying problem, not only to relieve pain but also preventing the recurrence of the injury or a compensatory injury.

Synergy Release Sports’ approach is shared with many of the top baseball pitching coaches and injury experts.  Chris Lincecum, father of Cy Young award winner Tim Lincecum states: “The lower body controls the upper body, and energy transfers at the hinges, the ankles, knees, hips, and trunk.  It all has to be in sequence.”  Lincecum illustrates how important the acceleration of the hips is in throwing.  In fact, Dr. Glenn Fleisig shares the same point of view stating: “Hip rotation is extremely important and is closely related to pitch velocity and bat speed” and “within the kinetic chain of hitting and pitching the hips impart the most energy to the ball and throughout the swing.”

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