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Sports Rehabilitation & Prevention

Hydration Station

The much longed for heat has arrived here in Georgia. While we have a love-hate relationship with this humid weather, it is important to stay hydrated in the midst of it all. With the hot weather comes longer days, summer practices, and college students.

While it is important to perform well, maintaining proper water consumption is also vital while in the hot sun. How you prepare before, during, and after each practice (or time in the sun) can determine how well you will perform.

Replenishing the minerals lost during practice should be replaced, within 30 minutes post-practice. Drinking at minimum a daily amount of half of your weight in water and electrolytes are key components to stay hydrated during vigorous activity.

If you are not drinking enough water you will experience muscle cramps, heat exhaustion, dehydration, lack of performance, fatigue, constipation, etc.

However, if your body is inflamed by consuming certain foods this can potentially lead to dehydration. If you would like to know if food is your source of dehydration, book an appointment with Dr. Cohl to test for the foods are causing your body to be inflamed.