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Sports Rehabilitation & Prevention

Synergy Release Sports FAQ’s

1. How is SRT technique different from other sports medicine doctors/chiropractors? Synergy Release Sports has a unique way of correcting body dysfunction utilizing a therapy called Synergy Release Therapy.  We have found that the cause of most injuries started early in life as a result of one or more stresses causing a compromise in the structural patterns and development of the body.  Additional or continued stress in the forms of falls, accidents, poor lifestyle choices or repetitive stress further compromise the body causing a progressive downward pattern of dysfunction.  Recognition of these stress patterns is the true genius of the Synergy Release Technique.  These stress patterns are categorized into “Phases” of dysfunction.

Currently there are 5 phases of altered dysfunction.  Correction of these Phases first requires an extensive evaluation.  Only a trained SRT practitioner can recognize the true sequential pattern of dysfunction and structural defects.  Since structure alters function, correction of these defects brings the body back into balance.  SRT’s one of a kind evaluation and treatment returns the body to correct health, enhancing lifestyle and athletic performance.

2. Synergy Release Therapy is a personalized therapy that keeps you at the top of your game.  Our unique patented system is a multi-step process that includes evaluation and treatment protocol that advances your healing and maximizes performance.  This system not only locates the root cause of your pain but also therapeutically corrects and reverses your problem. Your symptoms not only go away but stay away because unlike other approaches, we work to resolve the root cause of your discomfort, not just treat your symptom(s). We don’t prescribe drugs to mask the real causes of the discomfort; we go directly to the source and work backwards. Our goal is to change your life and make you feel better than you have ever felt before.

3. Are you Doctors of Chiropractic? While our Certified Synergy Release Doctors are Doctors of Chiropractic and may use some chiropractic medicine, Synergy Release Therapy, our proprietary technique, has been proven safe and effective with professional athletes for more than a decade. The Synergy Release Doctors pride themselves in delivering the most advanced care available in injury prevention, rehabilitation and sports performance enhancement. Our care is unique. When you visit Synergy Release Sports, we treat the root cause of your injury instead of a superficial review of symptoms. And we are proud to say that 85% of our patients get better and back to what they love within 3 – 6 visits, not the normal 3 – 6 months.

4. Are you only for athletes? No, we treat everybody from all walks of life as well as the professional athlete. We treat patients from infancy to the elderly. Everyone, from the youth athlete to the stay-at-home mom to the weekend warrior to the professional athlete, benefits from our treatment.

5. Why is it important to partake in preventative care? Preventative care is so important because it keeps your body working at a maximum level. It ends up saving time and money because it helps to keep an injury from occurring and helps keep other injuries from getting worse. There is no reason you can’t stay as active as you like if you take care of your body with SRT, good nutrition, and exercise. We have helped so many people regain their youth and vitality by trusting us with their health. Many patients found their way back to a normal lifestyle once their bodies had regained balance through our preventative care.

6. What is a therapeutic class IV laser and how does it work? In straightforward terms, the cells of tendons, ligaments, cartilage, bone and muscles are repaired faster when exposed to laser light. HOW MUCH FASTER? A good rule of thumb is that healing time is reduced by one-half to two-thirds the time it would normally take, all other factors remaining. Simply stated, Laser accelerates healing, increases collagen formation, blocks pain transmitted by nerve cells, reduces swelling and edema and increases lymphatic drainage.

7. What is Microcurrent and how does it work? Microcurrent is a physical therapy modality that has been used for over 15 years. When applied to injured tissues, it supports the natural current flow in the tissue, decreases electrical resistance and allows the cells in the traumatized area to regain their capacitance (ability to accept nutrients).

8. What is a Synergy Release Massage and how does it work? Typical Massage Therapy….will treat your symptom as the cause. Symptoms are the location of your complaint or pain, often strained or sprained tissue. This treatment protocol results in slow recovery time and facilitates a recurring injury.

Synergy Release Massage Therapy… put simply, SRMT treats the structural imbalance that is the root cause of the pain. The damaged tissue has been set up for failure weeks, months, or years in advance with stress caused by improper postural distortions. First, take the pre-stress off of the damaged tissue using the SRT treatment. Then apply typical massage therapy and treat the symptom. This protocol provides an environment for fast recovery and prevents further injury.

9. What is the difference between a Class III and Class IV laser? The difference between the Class III and Class IV is power. Class IV therapeutic lasers, described as high-power laser therapy, offer more power, deeper penetration and a larger surface treatment area.

10. How are foot Orthotics beneficial? Orthotics are utilized when the forefoot function cannot be held. They help to hold the SRT alignment by stabilizing the ankles, knees, and hips in their proper position. The body is now able to hold the treatment longer thereby allowing the muscles, legs and tendons to function as a balanced unit.

11. What are your hours of operation? On a typical week we are open Monday, Wednesday & Friday 8-7; Tuesday & Thursday 8-6; Saturday 8-12. Please call the office to find out our current times and read the NEWS & UPDATES section of our website for further updates or changes.

12. Can I afford this? Great news! Yes you can afford our services. Because it is our passion to take this amazing treatment to the public, we can’t reach our goals without you. We keep this in mind while setting our prices. We also recognize most people do not have the time to go for treatment for an extended length of time. We strive to get you better within 3 – 6 visits, not the normal 3 – 6 months.

13.  Do you accept insurance? We do accept most insurance policies. However we are considered “out of network”. Keep in mind, however, that we focus our treatment on getting you better within 3 – 6 visits which makes our treatment affordable.

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