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Pain Therapies services offered in Alpharetta and Atlanta, GA

At Synergy Release Sports in Buckhead Atlanta and Alpharetta, Georgia, the team uses innovative pain therapies that treat the source of your pain. The goal of treatment at Synergy Release Sports is to find, correct, and reverse the root cause of your pain, eliminating it altogether. To schedule an evaluation and discuss pain therapies that can help you, call the office or schedule an appointment online today.

Pain Therapies Q & A

What are pain therapies?

Pain therapies are the non-drug treatments that the team at Synergy Release Sports uses to eliminate your pain. They customize plans, focusing on the root cause of your pain.

What are the types of pain therapies?

The team at Synergy Release Sports uses many treatments to eliminate discomfort. Some of their pain therapies include:

Dry needling
Dry needling is a needling technique that eases muscle pain and stiffness. Synergy Release Sports offers dry needling only at their Atlanta office.

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT)
HBOT is a healing therapy that increases your body’s oxygen level. The team uses HBOT to heal injuries and support surgery recovery.

Synergy concussion protocol
Synergy concussion protocol is a proven technique that eliminates the pain and trauma following a concussion. 

Active Release Techniques® (ART)
ART is a soft tissue treatment that elongates tight muscles, reducing pain and improving range of motion.

Trigger point therapy
Trigger point therapy is a massage therapy for trigger points (muscle knots) that uses pressure and special massage techniques. 

Advanced muscle integration technique (AMIT)
AMIT is a systematic pain therapy that treats and relieves joint and muscle pain conditions. 

Graston Technique®
The Graston Technique uses special tools to break up scar tissue, improving your range of motion and reducing pain. 

Neuromuscular massage
Neuromuscular massage is a pain therapy only available at Synergy Release Sports that focuses on restoring the body’s balance and symmetry to reduce pain.

Myofascial release
Myofascial release is a pain therapy that treats muscle tightness, pain, and immobility caused by multiple trigger points.

Chiropractic care
Synergy Release Sports provides the best chiropractic care in the area, customizing plans to address your specific pain needs. 

Frequency-specific microcurrent (FSM)
FSM uses a low-level electrical current to activate cellular activity to enhance healing.

Kinesiology taping
Kinesiology taping is a pain therapy that uses special tape to lift the skin and provide support for healing and lymphatic flow.

Rapid-release therapy (RRT)
RRT is a treatment the team at Synergy Release Sports uses to break up scar tissue caused by an injury, surgery, or overuse. 

PiezoWave® therapy
Piezo wave therapy uses focused sound waves to activate cellular activity to support the body’s healing process. It’s a type of shockwave therapy.

Functional Manual Therapy® (FMT)
FMT is a type of physical therapy that optimizes your body’s physical functioning.

What pain therapies are best for me?

The team at Synergy Release Sports conducts a thorough initial evaluation to determine what pain therapies are best for you. They customize care based on the source of your pain.

Call Synergy Release Sports or schedule your pain therapy consultation online today.

Patients Reviews

"It was phenomenal. I felt more like a friend than a patient. I will be back!!”*"

Lara S.
"Your friendly bedside manner and the kindness of your staff made a difficult situation as pleasant as it could be. 

Jessica M.
"This was worth a million bucks. I couldn’t be happier with my surgery results and my choice of your office. Best decision ever."

Stef F.
Life's Too Valuable to Walk Around in Pain
At Synergy we know that you want to enjoy life’s most meaningful activities pain and injury free. Here’s the problem, it’s almost impossible to avoid pain and injury in today’s modern lifestyle of chronic stress and busyness. Which leads to an avalanche of issues we want to avoid including an inactive lifestyle, weight gain, depression, disease and often increased pain.