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If your shins hurt, especially during exercise, shin splints may be the reason. At Synergy Release Sports in Buckhead Atlanta and Alpharetta, Georgia, the skilled team of chiropractors offers treatment to reduce discomfort caused by shin splints and stimulate healing using natural methods. Call the office to get started or schedule an appointment online today.

Shin Splint Q & A

What are shin splints?

Shin splints refer to pain along your tibia, or shin bone, located in the lower front part of each leg. The condition often affects dancers, runners, and other athletes. While common, it’s important to treat shin splints properly to reduce the chance of worsening pain. See the Synergy Release Sports team at the first sign of bothersome shin splints.

What are the symptoms of shin splints?

The hallmark symptoms of shin splints include:

  • Mild swelling in the lower legs
  • Tenderness
  • Soreness
  • Shinbone pain
  • Pain when exercising

The discomfort you feel from shin splints may go away over time with rest or become progressively worse and lead to stress fractures when left untreated.

What are the risk factors for shin splints?

Shin splints can result because of:


  • Repetitive stress
  • Sports training
  • Being a runner
  • Running on uneven terrains
  • Working out on hard surfaces
  • Increased frequency, duration, or intensity of exercise
  • Military training
  • Flat feet
  • High arches


The best ways to reduce the risk of shin splints include not overtraining and seeking treatment at the first sign of a problem. 


Wear comfortable shoes with arch supports if needed, try shock-absorbing insoles, and include strength training in your regular workout routine. Consider running on softer surfaces.

How does my provider diagnose shin splints?


To diagnose shin splints, the Synergy Release Sports team examines your legs, shins, feet, and ankles. They complete a physical exam and ask about your medical history and symptoms. You might need X-rays or other imaging procedures to detect or rule out other possible causes of pain, such as stress fractures. 

How are shin splints treated?


The Synergy Release Sports team may suggest simply resting your shins, switching to low-impact exercises, or altering your footwear and training program. You can ice the painful areas to reduce discomfort and swelling. Gradually resume your typical training after the pain subsides.


Synergy Release Sports offers holistic chiropractic and manual manipulation therapies to enhance the healing of shin splints, including:

  • Advanced muscle integration technique (AMIT)
  • Neuromuscular massage
  • Piezo wave therapy (shock therapy)
  • Frequency specific microcurrent
  • Functional manual therapy
  • Active release techniques® (ART)
  • Orthotics
  • Pilates reformers
  • Medical Therapeutic Yoga™
  • Dietary supplements
  • Weight loss programs

Meet with the Synergy Release Sports team as needed and follow their instructions at home between visits.

To find relief from shin splints, schedule an appointment at Synergy Release Sports by phone or online today.

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