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Sports Rehabilitation & Prevention


Synergy Release Sports has a unique way of correcting body dysfunction utilizing a therapy called Synergy Release Therapy. Synergy Release Therapy was developed by biomechanics specialist John Patterson. Patterson found that the cause of most injuries started early in life as a result of one or more stresses causing a compromise in the structural patterns and development of the body. Additional or continuous stress in the forms of falls, accidents, poor lifestyle choices or repetitive stress further compromise the body causing a progressive downward pattern of dysfunction. Recognition of these stress patterns is the true genius of the Synergy Release Therapy.  These stress patterns are categorized into “Phases” of dysfunction.





To compliment and accelerate the healing process of SRT, we use other treatment therapies in our office. These therapies are used at your certified SRT practitioner's office to aid in your recovery. Please click on the links to the below to learn more about the benefits of each type of therapeutic method.

Available Treatments

Massage Therapy

Class IV Laser Therapy


Custom Care Microcurrent

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

Hydrotherapy Bed



We work to correct those imbalances and avoid injury that might otherwise keep you away from your game. We are different in many ways but we have found that over 85% of everyone treated by us have experienced rehabilitation 60% faster than traditional methods. Why be out of your game for 3 – 6 months when you can be back in the game after 3 – 6 visits ? Come talk to our Certified Synergy Release Physicians and see for yourself why we are so different.