Josh Koehler

My name is Josh Koehler. I am 40 years old and do semi-pro obstacle course racing as a hobby.

Synergy Release Sports helped me to achieve 80 Obstacle Course races in 2019, including 53 Spartan races and the North American OCR championship weekend. During the 2019 season I dealt with several injuries as well as race-related trauma ranging from hip displacement to chronic “Golfer’s elbow”, as well as pain in my neck and lower back. There were times where I couldn’t even resume training after a race until being treated at Synergy.

Their wide range of treatment options helped me with spinal and hip alignment, muscle activation, and inflammation management. I also benefited greatly from targeted treatment on my elbow and by using the hyperbaric chamber for recovery. My primary physician was Dr. Andrew Potter and I would highly recommend Synergy Release Sports to any athlete.